Tool Building

Future Proof Software

Future Proof Software has specialized in Progress/OpenEdge for over 20 years, and we have built an impressive track record in the Progress community. President and founder Peter van Dam is well known for his publications and conference talks as well as for various frameworks he created that are still widely used around the globe. Our consultancy skills range from CHUI to OpenEdge GUI for .NET and from WebSpeed to Ajax.

Computing Integrity - Automated Transformation, Modernization, and Code Quality Improvement

Computing Integrity is currently evaluating technology that can be used to transform ABL source code and is looking for companies who have legacy code needing modernization or other improvement so that we can better understand the transformation requirements they face. The transformations we are considering vary from simple operations that improve code quality to substantial transformations required in modernizing an application.

Joanju Software

Joanju Software provides tools and services for your Progress 4GL parsing needs.

Joanju has been the primary contributor to these software products which are now open source found here on The Hive:

Joanju has created these commercial products:

Joanju Software has experience with these Progress versions

Consultingwerk Ltd.

Consultingwerk is a company supporting customers in the IT industry. Our main emphasis lies in consulting around the organization and development of futureproof IT systems for enterprises and institutions in Germany, Europe and the US.

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