Testing Tools

Unit testing and other tools for testing ABL code.

Database Activity Monitor

A ChUI Database Activity Monitor that asks you to select a database connection. Database activity for that connection is then displayed in a browses - there is a Table view and an Index view. Reads / Creates / Updates by Table or Index. The activity is read from _UserTableStat and _UserIndexStat VSTs. There is a one minute auto-refresh, or it can be refreshed manually by pressing the space bar. There is a hotkey to display the stack trace for the connection, but statement caching must be enabled for this to work. There is an option to reset all stats to Zero.

ProUnit Test Framework

ProUnit is a Unit Test Framework designed to improve Progress applications quality. Specially focused on automation, ProUnit is better used with Continuous Integration and build scripting tools like PCT, ANT, Bamboo, Hudson, etc.

Application performance profile viewer

This profiler identifies performancebottlenecks in your application by analysing the logfile you create with the log-manager. ProfilerProfiler

Memoryleak inspector

Identifies possible memory leaks and their source by extracting those lines from logmanager output that point at created objects that are not deleted later on or allocated space that is not (fully) deallocated.
This analyser goes a bit further than http://www.oehive.org/node/846 and can handle OE 10.2A extra's

OEUnit - Unit Testing Framework


Project moved to GitHub. Feel free to fork and make changes, and I will endeavour to integrate any pull requests.

Screenshot: OEUnit results from running a simple test case.Screenshot: OEUnit results from running a simple test case.

PUnit Unit Test Framework

The PUnit Unit Test Framework provides facilities to simplify writing test cases using Test Tools and organizing them into test suites hierarchy. The framework relieves users from messy error detection and reporting duties. The Test Runner procedure initializes the framework, sets up parameters based on command line arguments and/or environment variables, initializes the test suite and than runs the provided test suite. The framework keeps track of all passed/failed Test Tool assertions, provides an ability to check the testing progress based on the number of test cases run as part of the total number of test cases and generates the result report in several different formats. The Unit Test Framework is intended to be used both for simple testing needs and complex non trivial testing. It is not intended to be used in production code.

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