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PDFinclude is an open source Progress utility for dynamically generating reports in Adobe PDF file format without having to use third-party tools or utilities.
PDFInclude is a Free Libre Open Source Software (FLOSS), distributed under the Eclipse Public License.
PDFinclude is a stand-alone component that defines a toolset of Progress functions and procedures that aid in the output of a PDF file directly from 4GL/ABL, without having to generate a separate text file first (as in text2pdf.p).

Open Source does not always mean free as in free beer. In order to be able to spend more time on PDFInclude, I need some sponsors. Also, if you wish to see a new or improved functionality, you can offer me a bounty. Lastly if this software is of some use for you and your company, then I'd like to hear from it, and you could consider to donate (via Paypal in USD or Euros). Thanks in advance!

Welcome in the PDF Include group. When you are using PDF Include, you are encouraged to subscribe to this group where you find the on-line tools to collaborate and discuss PDF Include. There is a discussion forum, you can submit issues (for bugs and enhancement requests), you can add new pages and other content, and best of all: there is an e-mail list. So subscribe, and then don't forget to go to your subscription details to enable the e-mail notification!

The PDF file format is an industry-standard for electronic document viewing. The PDF format allows for documents that can be accessed by a broad range of hardware and software devices (including PDAs and Internet browsers).
PDFinclude utilizes Progress code that is compliant with versions 8 and 9 of the Progress 4GL and the same source code can be used on multiple OS platforms - including Windows, AIX, Unixware, Solaris etc. - while running in different application environments (eg: GUI, CHUI, web-enabled and n-tier).


  • 5th of may 2017: a new web site for pdfInclude has been published :)
  • 20th of June 2016: pdfInclude v5.1 is available from me, please contact me using OEHive private messages. All the short comings of the 3.3 version about the pdf parser and filling forms have been corrected, and a lot of new functionality added. See readme.pdf, itself generated using pdfInclude.
  • 16th of January 2011: I finally found the time to publish the last fixes and evolutions! The big news is the support for filling OpenOffice.org generated forms! Acrobat (latest versions were not supported anyway) is not needed anymore in order to create forms to be filled with PDFinclude! Among the other news, you can now rotate text at any angle, skew ans scale text.
  • 2nd of March 2010: The SVN repository has just been updated. This is the very last version of pdfinclude, containing all patches gathered from the PEG, lots of bug fixes, plus new exciting functionalities. Please test before I publish 3.3.4! You can download the last development version.

Main features
• supports international characters (East Europe, Cyrillic, Turkish) for variable width base fonts only (Times and Helvetica). To be published in next version - see SVN version meanwhile. For courier (or if you wish to embed fonts in the pdf file), you can use a font specially defined for the code page as described there.
• supports custom True Type fonts (including Bar Coding fonts), and all 14 pdf base fonts
• supports remapping of characters
• supports ISO page formats A0,A1,A2,A3,A4,A5,A6,B5,LETTER,LEGAL,LEDGER
• supports portrait or landscape, and custom page formats, custom margins…
• supports document encryption (requires procrypt.dll)
• supports compression (requires zlib1.dll)
• includes graphic (geometric) procedures: lines, circles, eclipses, Bézier curves
• includes procedures to set Bookmarks show a Table of Content
• includes procedures for automatic page header and footer management
• include procedure to add watermarks
• supports text rotation
• supports html-ish tagged text for bold , italic and colour
• supports underline
• supports automatic pg line break and text justification
• supports JPEG images (GIF & PNG support in development)
• supports annotations (links, notes, stamps, mark-ups)
• supports rotating text at any angle, skewing and scaling it
• supports loading an Adobe Distiller or OpenOffice PDF generated file to be used as a template (with limitations) – the file might contain images or embedded fonts To be published in next version - see SVN version for images and font support
• supports filling OpenOffice.org generated forms
• supports filling Adobe forms - Adobe version max = 5 ; see previous point...
• tools to create tables, calendars, matrices
• no external libraries are required except for compression and encryption
• comes with a lot of code examples

See "attachments" at the bottom of this page for the downloads, including a download of a PowerPoint presentation from the Michigan PUG.
The big .zip download includes a Word document, which is the PDF Include documentation. I've also attached a PDF of that. Thanks Peter Frederick for sending the PDF!
You can always download the last development version from the SVN repository.


  • Pro-Sys Consultants are the original authors of PDF Include.
  • jice is the current maintainer. I do it in my free time, so please do not expect too much!

You are welcome to submit patches through the mailing list. After review and discussion, they will be included in next release.
If you have to add functionality and/or modify PDFInclude for your own project, you are encouraged to submit the source code (although it is not required by the license) so that we can all improve the software and bring it to next level.

Also see:
License (Eclipse Public License)
Project page for issue tracking
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Help for PDFInclude Replace Text

Good Morning.
I need a help, with the PDFInclude library
I need to generate a PDF document, based on another PDF template document.
When copying the file into the new generated, I must change a word within the template.
Eg, inside the pdf file, read the string "& OP" and when generating a new swap file
the string by the number of the Production Order.
If someone has a very simple model, and I'm very grateful.
I'm trying to use the procedure: pdf_ReplaceTxt, but to no avail.

Thank you

Filling form fields while retaining fields on output

Is there a way you fill out form fields on a PDF while retaining the fields on output? I'm trying to fill in a portion of a pdf form and would like the end user to be able to continue filling in the form after I've created my output? Right now the fields get filled in but the output no longer has form fields.

Error - txt was not found.

Error - txt was not found.

Error - txt was not found.

Error - txt was not found.

Error - txt was not found.



PDF417 font not found for

I have one query on PDF417, currently we have in our organization a software which his using PDF417 font. But now we are planning to print the PDF using PROGRESS (version Open Edge 11) with PDF Include library and use the same “PDF417” font for Barcode printing.
We are trying to get this font but not able to get the all the files, Can anyone guide us how to implement this font?

Thanks in advance !


PDFinclude failing with form fields

I've been using PDFinclude with great success, producing simple text reports in pdf format. Now I'm being asked to do it with templates and form fields.
I have a very basic pdf template, just a single sheet for identifying pallets (company name, address, order-#). I designed the form in OpenOffice, added form fields and exported as pdf.
I'm running PDFinclude under RHEL, and I used the code example shown in the PDFinclude PRO docs as a starting point. If I export it without form fields, the resulting pdf is right, everything is there from the original pdf.

Handling an External PDF file using PDFInclude


1) I have a pdf file generated from an external source. I wanted to handle this pdf through PDFInclude. Can it be possible?

2) I also wanted to change the settings for that pdf file like its height width etc. can it be possible?

3) Can printing of this PDF be handled by PDFInclude?


You can use PDF include on AIX?

Hello, I wonder if you can use pdfinclude in AIX environment?
What are the requirements for this?
You have to change some pdfinclude line of code?

PDF encryption on Linux / AIX

Hi all

I want to create encrypted (password protected) pdf files. Can this be done currently using PDFInclude on Linux and/or AIX?

We are using OpenEdge 11.2 (64 bit) on Red Hat Linux (also 64 bit), as well as Progress 9.1E (32 bit) on AIX (64 bit).

We have been creating pdf files successfully for years - but without passwords - using an old 2004 version of PDFInclude on both versions of Progress.


PDF Complete is able to open my encrypted document

Hi all.

I have encrypted a document and when I open using Adobe PDF reader, it prompts for the password which is fine. If I however open the same document using PDF Complete, it doesn't prompt for the password, the document just opens. This is happening with most of my users whose I-Pads use PDF Complete as a default PDF reader. Please help!!



Writing Barcode by Code39

I just wanted to use Barcode. I checked manual and seen the code39.ttf and downloaded it from http://www.fonts2u.com/bar-code-39.font. I installed it on my win7 computer.

But I don't know what should I do after now.
My code is:

RUN pdf_set_font ("Spdf","Code39",10.0).
RUN pdf_text_xy ("Spdf","123123123",200,300).

But it's getting "corrupted pdf" error. Where should I save this ttf file? How can I use barcodes on my pdf file?


JPG Error?!

I have template pdf file which is created in LibreOffice Calc. I use below code but jpg logo disappeared on new pdf file...

RUN pdf_new ("Spdf","c:\temp\90Derece.pdf").

RUN pdf_open_PDF("Spdf","c:\temp\JPGError.jpg","Inv").

RUN pdf_new_page("Spdf").
RUN pdf_set_orientation("spdf","LANDSCAPE").
RUN pdf_set_PaperType("spdf","A4").
RUN pdf_set_LeftMargin("spdf",0.5).
RUN pdf_set_TopMargin("spdf",0.5).
RUN pdf_use_PDF_page("Spdf","Inv",1).

RUN pdf_close("Spdf").

Using existing pdf (which has pictures) file problem?

I use existing pdf file as template while creating my pdf files. But if the template pdf has jpg/png pictures then I can not see the pictures in secondary pdf file. Is this normal?


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