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Editors and tools for use with editors for creating ABL applications

KsvPlugin for OpenEdge Architect

KsvPlugin for OEA is a set of useful tools which allows you to make your work with OpenEdge Architect more productive and less painful. It softens project-centric paradigm of Eclipse allowing you to develop in good old way of Procedure Editor. The set includes some tools which were developed for Ksv Editor (a modification of Procedure Editor).


Notepead++ with Progress 4GL / ABL support

Notepead++ is a great open source programmers editor. I've added it a support to Progress 4GL / ABL, so you can enjoy syntax highlighting and syntax folding.


Use Ed4W as a code editor for Progress, including syntax check and intelligent code expansion.

ABHack: to achieve auto-completion and other tweaks in the regular AppBuilder

ABHack is a kind of demon 4GL procedure to run with the PERSISTENT option in a development session. It can spy the activity in a source-code procedure editor to pop up auto completion lists for local or global variables, attributes/methods, buffers, temp-table, table and fields names. It includes many other features like a query analyzer for a selected text, open text-selected source file-names an improved navigation by words, ++ insertion, quick comment out, and ability to make the data dictionary resizable.
11-MAR-2007 New features: duplicate line on Alt-Down like Eclipse does, and better handling of full stop when inserting closing guy

05-MAR-2007 New feature: completion for block labels

26-FEB-2007 Three big new features: Make the popup field list scroll to the most likely interesting field after an equal sign. Improved suggested list of buffers after '=' equal operator. Ability to 'Keep track of Section Cursor Position', and restore the previous row and col of a section you visited earlier when you go back to it.


Integrate with the "ED for Windows" editor

Purpose of Proed4w:

If you are using "ED for Windows" (version 4) and are editing .p or .w files, you can use this tool as a communication bridge between ED for Windows and a Progress session.

You can do:
- create a "Compile" button in Ed for Windows
- compile 4GL code from within Ed
- Ed shows compile warnings and errors in its Build results window.

You can also:
Launch Prolint from within ED for Windows to have it check the current sourcefile.

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