UI design guidelines

General User Interface design and review guidelines

Computer software must be easy to use

[This was written for another audience, but may be useful here. Note particularly the guidelines at the end.]

Friends and colleagues complain to me all the time: Why are so many computer programs hard to use, with misleading or confusing screen prompts, counterintuitive methods to accomplish simple tasks, and lots of options that are rarely used but that clutter the screen and that often slow users down? After all, on what appliance other than a personal computer would you press a ‘start’ button to turn the machine off?

UI Design Guidelines

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To kick things off, Arthur submitted the article "Computer software must be easy to use", which is a fascinating study into how a successful consultant can make a huge difference, by asking good questions to help the software users figure out what would really help them be more productive. Thanks for the great article, Arthur! -- John

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