Operating System and Application Interfaces

Information and examples for interfacing ABL applications to the operating system and common applications such as word processors, spreadsheets, and e-mail

OpenEdge installation on Linux (Debian distro)

Description of the necessary steps to install os and set up database, appserver, webserver, Tomcat, Aia and WebSpeed on a Debian linux distro. Should also be relevant for Suse and RedHat users


The libxlsx project has been moved to the Free DocxFactory Project.

How to add a colored square in the titlebar through api

Sometimes it's neccessary to add a Caption in the titlebar to give extra information to the user of your application. The attached file does this, and makes sure the window got redrawn when windows triggers arive.
As you can see, many instances of msgblst32 are added on this window. The goal is to make it more the controlling window which always catches the events on the underlaying session applications. As every window needs its own ocx, I provided 40 instances which are hopefully enough to maintain every window.

Video on calling web services from the 4GL/ABL

I have a video up on amduus.com on how to call out to web services with example coding.

The video can be seen at http://amduus.com/training/Using_bprowsdldoc.html

Dynamic Transaction (record write,delete.create)

have two procedures that work that can called from trigger level within trigger. They passed a number of paramters including one temp-table containing create/delete information , the 2nd program accepts the current new record and the old record


DEF TEMP-TABLE ttnewCustomer LIKE Customer.
CREATE ttnewcustomer.
BUFFER-COPY customer TO ttnewcustomer.
DEF TEMP-TABLE ttoldCustomer LIKE customer.
CREATE ttoldcustomer.
BUFFER-COPY oldcustomer TO ttoldCustomer.

Temp-table to COM Excel

This is a procedure i wrote some years ago now. want to do the same for xml csv , then seperate one for pdf and rtf templates if you want full details of project let me know


Hi guys,
I tried to create a program that will generate code that will export table contents to excel
and wanted other people to test my project. (P.S. Please excuse my coding, I'm just a starter with progress :}).

This program is created using Openedge 10.1B and tested using Microsoft Excel 2007
DB2Excel is a program that automatically generates code for importing data to excel.

Step 1: db2Excel Collects tables from the database and makes them available for selection.
(if needed for schema preview, you can edit the source code to view system tables)

EmailTester2 (Read Receipts, Security Bypass)

This is my first project, it's really buggy at the moment and i would like the help from anyone willing to optimize this email program. I don't have any documentation or anything out yet i just wanted to use this to get it out and fix some problems.

Some of the main features at the moment are Read receipts delivery receipts, send on behalf of, and outlook Security bypass.

Im using the mapi email and using a redemption.dll to bypass security this is optional. This was created to test out some mailitem properties and then we decided to use it with our customer invoice reports.


This Procedure allows you to export almost any browser-content to an excel-sheet via a simple run-statement

OpenOffice.org Calc Library

This is a collection of functions and procedures that provide an API to the OpenOffice.org Calc spreadsheet application. These were developed in Progress 9.1D using OpenOffice.org version 1.1.2 and have not yet been verified to work with version 2+.

This collection of functions and procedures will allow you to programmatically create Calc spreadsheets, add data, format columns, rows and cells and more!

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