Code and techniques related to the use of Crystal Reports

Crystal Report XI MSI file for use of the ActiveX viewer

Crystal Report XI MSI file for use of the ActiveX viewer

Getting Started with Crystal 9 and Progress SQL-92 - Sample Report Files

This code examples show how to take an existing Progress Report Builder report and recreate similar functionality with Crystal Reports.

Crystal OpenClient

This code enables Crystal Reports to connect to a Progress AppServer, run 4GL code on that AppServer, and use the resulting TempTable as data for a report layout. It works with Progress 9 and 10 (OpenEdge), and with Crystal Reports 9 or 10. Minimum requirement is Crystal Reports Advanced, this offers a Java connection.

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Kimberly Craven

Crystal Report 9 runtime components

Crystal Report 9 runtime components. This executables will install the necessary Crystal Report 9 components to run a Progress application that uses the Crystal Report OCX on a client machine that does not have Crystal Report installed.

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Renato Reis

WebSpeed / URL Reporting Code Example

This code example shows how Crystal can retrieve data from an AppServer, reusing the existing business logic and security, just like the OpenEdge Reference Architecture prescribes.

ABL Calling Crystal + ActiveX Viewer

Eric Debeij, Sr. Product Consultant for Progress Netherlands, has constructed a ABL wrapper around the enormous wealth of possibilities of calls from Progress to Crystal. It offers a set of ABL applications which implement a very easy to use interface which takes care of all the hard stuff for you.

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