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abljsonabljsonJSON Parser for Progress ABL is a "wrapper" for the cJSON parser - ultra-lightweight, portable, single-file, simple-as-can-be ANSI-C compliant JSON parser.

The reader object can be used to load and parse a JSON string from either a file on the file system or from a character, longchar or memptr variable.

Web Services Deployment

Hi, Some One has an complete example of deploy and consumption od Web Services in Progress

Change log for the Progress Adapter for Fuse


  • ????????
    • Logging more flexible (undocumented).
    • No more default output for log messages using LOG-MANAGER.
    • Tests modified to produce same output as in previous release.
  • 20090423
    • Initial public release.

API for the Progress Adapter for Fuse Message Broker

OpenEdge Adapter for Fuse Message Broker API

The API supported by the adapter is a subset of the JMS API. Full
documentation of all details is available online. The
diagrams below only describe the part of the API that is implemented by the
OpenEdge Adapter for Fuse Message Broker.

Using the Progress Adapter for Fuse Message Broker

Using the OpenEdge Adapter for Fuse Message Broker

Getting started


  • The message broker must be running. If the broker requires authentication
    you must know a user name and password.
  • The STOMP listener must be accessible over the network. You must know the
    host name and port number.
  • The directory stompAdapter from the adapter code distribution must be in
    the PROPATH.

Defining the connection with the broker

Progress Fuse Adapter Documentation

OpenEdge Adapter for Fuse Message Broker


The OpenEdge Adapter for Fuse Message Broker enables connections from an
OpenEdge™ ABL application to Fuse™ Message Broker or Apache ActiveMQ (or
other messaging solution as described below). It consists of a number of ABL
classes that should be referenced in an ABL application that needs to exchange
messages with the outside world using one of the supported world class
messaging solutions.

Using Object Oriented Programming For Custom Programming In A SaaS Application

In the SaaS world, often customers will want their own customizations into the source code specific to how they want to do business with your software.

Here is a point where object oriented programming stands out. By crafting your programming in such a way that basic functionality is enhanced - you can use different classes specific to particular customers for enhanced implementation.

Since we are going to potentially be using one of multiple classes, we need to have an interface describing the methods available in the class.

Video on calling web services from the 4GL/ABL

I have a video up on amduus.com on how to call out to web services with example coding.

The video can be seen at http://amduus.com/training/Using_bprowsdldoc.html

HylaFAX Include

HylaFAX Include is a Super Procedure which gives developers the ability to send, Facsimile (FAX) from within OpenEdge without relying on 3rdParty OCX, dlls or shelling out to the OS. This code does not actualy sends faxes but it submits them into a queue on a FAX server. The FAX server is called HylaFAX.

HylaFAX is an enterprise-class system for sending and receiving facsimiles as well as for sending alpha-numeric pages. The software is designed around a client-server architecture.

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