Web UI Development

This section covers WebSpeed, Ajax, eScript and any other technology for creating and deploying browser user interfaces (WUI).

Video on setting up Webspeed on MS Windows

Since it is asked quite often in the Progess community how to set up a broker in the MS Widnows environment, here is a little video on how to accomplish this.

View the video at http://amduus.com/training/WebspeedBrokerOnWindows.html

Kitty chatboard

Kitty is a simple chat board written for use with Webspeed and Progress.

- Generating web pages from data in the database
- Login security
- Control over who has access to what information
- Using a state table to storeWIP info (instead of exposing it all as HTML form hidden values the user can mess with.)

Browse the code: http://www.oehive.org/amduus/Kitty/

Blue Diamond

Blue Diamond allows programmers familiar with Progress Software Corporation’s E4GL programming language and 4GL language to extend their applications to the web interface without the use of Webspeed Transaction Server or Webspeed Workshop.

VARs that use E4GL to construct their applications for Webspeed can modify those programs in a very simple manner to run it on Blue Diamond.

The BlueDiamond code and documentation is here: http://www.oehive.org/amduus/BlueDiamond/

Mashup Example using AutoEdge

At Exchange 2007, a session entitled "Mashup Basics" was presented. In that session, we demonstrated the ability to add value to an OpenEdge application by 'mashing up' content from other sources. The examples we used were aggregated RSS feeds from Yahoo Pipes and a Google Map.

As many people are familiar with the OERA reference application (AutoEdge), we used it as the vehicle per se to demonstrate this capability.

Attached is a zip file with the modified code and instructions on how to implement this demo enhancement into your version of AutoEdge.

ganimede - transaction server

The goal of this project is to make possible to access Progress database from any external program that can use sockets. The server (broker and agents) are written in Progress 4GL and made use of sockets capabilities of Progress V9.

Bar Graph Drawing on the Web

Bar graph drawing utiliity where you pass in a set of values and a graph is created in GIF format via fly to be referenced in a web page.

added by:
Geoff Crawford

WebSpeed Application Compiler

Application Compiler for WebSpeed Applications. Allows compilation of multiple WebSpeed source files (CGI-wrapper, ESS or Mapped) using file name filters, sub-directory searching and other options. Compilation is disabled if running in Production mode.

added by:
Matt Verrinder


This code provides basic statements to use the Crystal Reports Viewer within a Progress WebClient application. One program is in client server mode and the second one is for web based mode.

Basic eScript WebObject

The Basic eScript WebObject offers an alternative model for developing WebSpeed applications to those supplied with the Progress and OpenEdge products. Its offers a method of implementing a web user-interface in a way consistent with the model-view-controller (MVC) paradigm recommended by the OpenEdge Reference Architecture.

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