OESNMP: Monitoring your OpenEdge infrastructure from Any monitoring solution

Expose OpenEdge infrastructure to any monitoring platform

OESNMP is a set of utilites to expose information about OpenEdge Appservers, Databases and related infrastructure to Monitoring systems supporting SNMP. This allows you to notice unusual behaviour, verify performance tuning has the desired results, warn you before problems result in downtime,...

appServer problem

I've been using PDF include for many years but have recently tried to deploy it running under an appServer agent. I've isolated the problem to the pdf_load_external procedure. A symptom of the problem is that when this code is run:

/* If we can put the data into a Character Field then do so.
Then change any Xobject references within the external file. This is
due to duplication of Object names when using multiple external PDF
files */

ASSIGN iFileSize = GET-SIZE(mFile)
iPointer = 1
iMemSize = 10000.

Employing AppServer Made Easy

Many companies are contemplating to use AppServer, but are deadly afraid of doing so. Here are some thoughts about how to make developing and maintaining AppServer applications easy and very feasible.

There are three main issues I encountered over the years:

a) Increased Development Time:

I used to think, that the top-main issue that AppServer novices run into is the amount of time it takes to get a program working, if the back-end is on the AppServer, which the front-end is using to access data.

ganimede - transaction server

The goal of this project is to make possible to access Progress database from any external program that can use sockets. The server (broker and agents) are written in Progress 4GL and made use of sockets capabilities of Progress V9.

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