Sonic and Other non-OpenEdge Products

Code, discussions, and whitepapers relating to Sonic, Apama, DataXtend, DataDirect, Easy Ask and other products of Progress Software which do not come from the OpenEdge division.


Adapter to send and receive XML messages to and from an ESB. In this first version Sonic. Also usable to generate XSD's that can be used during a design phase.

Working on getting the source cleaned to put it here.

Progress Fuse Adapter Project

Progress Fuse Adapter
Written in OO ABL and supports the stomp protocol.
Code comments in Dutch


  • Using the adapter
  • API details
  • Change log

  • JQBridge

    Lightweight, fast and extensible message queue bridge that can connect different message providers such as Progress Sonic MQ or IBM WebSphere MQ (former MQ Series). Plugins for JMS and MQI are provided.

    The project is hosted on

    FTP Connector ESB Service

    A Sonic ESB Service Type that integrates an FTP server with the ESB.

    XML Backbones

    How to use Progress for Web Services and the new Service Oriented Architecture from a multi-platform perspective.

    added by:
    Geoff Crawford

    4GL Hello World WebServices example with OpenEdge Sonic-ESB adapter

    A very simple Hello World WebServices example using Progress 4GL and the OpenEdge Sonic-ESB adapter. We send a string to the Webservice and the

    Send Sonic Message containing a Fathom Alert from Fathom

    This contains an Action job that will allow the setting up of an action to send a sonic message that contains the information drived from a fathom alert.

    Added by
    Phillip Malone

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