DBA jobs

It's obvious all of you have a lot of talent and skill when it comes to working with Openedge and Progress.
I'm currently searching for someone with your experience for a job opportunity I have available.
I'm here to connect you and your friends with opportunities to touch the technology love and make money doing it.
So if any of you are interested in taking a DBA job in Reston, VA or Canonsburg,PA the company is a $4 billion dollar company. They are growing fast and need someone ASAP.
I appreciate any advice you guys have on finding people.
Best wishes,

Progress CHUI/GUI/OE - QAD 6 years experience programmer

My name is Juan Puig, I’m from Montevideo Uruguay and I’ve been working with Progress and Qad for six years in a pharmaceutical company in this versions:

- Progress CHUI/GUI, OpenEdge 10.1/10.2, ProxyGen and Microsoft .Net,

- QAD: Four years on eb version, a migration from eb to 2009.1EE for two years, and then a migration from 2009.1EE to 2011.1 EE. Technologies: ICT, QXTend, Financials No Intrusive Customizations, Reporting Framework and Browses on Win and Unix platforms.

New position

Accepted a position in March 2011 with PNY Technologies in Parsippany NJ, as Sr. Programmer/Analyst. We are installing the Epicor 9 MRP system, the business logic of which is written in Progress ABL.

I'm doing various enhancements to the Business Objects to customize the system for PNY's needs. We will eventually install e9 in our facilities in France and Taiwan.

The GUI is written in .Net and all ABL is run on appservers. We are actually using a SQL-Server database and Progress DataServer for MSSQL.

Progress 4GL Maintenance Programmer Needed

Hiring an...

Experienced Progress programmer

...who is willing to maintain an old system for a short period. Likely would need 2-6 hours per week. Small projects need attention - start immediately. 15-$20 / hour depending on experience. Need individual who responds and does NOT procrastinate - highly dependable individual.

Interested individuals should respond to this post.

Like what you do - and do it well.

Progress Fuse Adapter Project

Progress Fuse Adapter
Written in OO ABL and supports the stomp protocol.
Code comments in Dutch


  • Using the adapter
  • API details
  • Change log

  • Sample Preview of program excecution.

    Sample Preview of program excecution.

    Add query for your program

    Add query for your program

    Selecting Fields for Excel

    Selecting Fields for Excel

    Tables from Database gathered

    Tables from Database gathered


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