Deployment Utilities

Miscellaneous utilities for managaging a deployed database.

Secondary broker parameter spreadsheet

Attached you find a speadsheet I use to calculate the -n -Mn ... when using a secondary broker.


A simple tool to help you to remove all Schema Area information in a df file. You just dump your database df file which contains a complex (or


A simple tool to simply watch and/or update your data. Everything is reading with dynamic object. It's possible to copy the table and field name in


At this moment, only 2 simple tools to watch what's happen on your Lock Table Progress DB and what's happen on index reading. Those tools are

Database .st and .df generation utility for conversion and migration.

A sample ABL code to assist with generation of a new .st and .df based on an earlier version of the database .df and the output of a database analysis. This code example will generate a new .st file which defines or re-defines storage areas based on data taken from the database analysis. This is one possible suggestion for storage area layout and may not be optimal in all cases. A new database definition file (.df) is created to go along with the .st file generated by the code.
The procedure also builds scripts to assist with dumping; loading or tablemoving data to the new storage areas.

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