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Code, Discussions, and Whitepapers related to the use of UML modeling tools and MDA (Model Driven Architecture) for code generation along with other tools for Application Transformation.


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ABL2DB - Databasing ABL information for Analysis

The ABL compiler provides some valuable tools for analyzing individual compile units, but this information can become far more valuable if systematically gathered into a database and supplemented with other information and analysis tools. Presentation on this project can be found at and .


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ABLaUML is an Thomas Mercer-Hursh ( ABL2UML ( derivative work.
We use ABLaUML to model legacy procedural systems. In order to do that we take the original code and convert it to object oriented code, changing the monolitic generation model into a model of discret succesive generation tasks.

Transformation Blog

"Transformation" has become an increasing popular topic among Progress' Application Partners and end user customers with responsibility for their own legacy applications. This blog will be an on-going discussion of topics related to transformation including, but not limited to, different types of transformation, transformation strategies, transformation tools, and anything else which might help a company with a legacy ABL application decide how and what to modernize.

The Transformation Triangle

Transformation Triangle: For use in Transformation Triangle pageTransformation Triangle: For use in Transformation Triangle page

UML Group

A group for all Hive content related to UML and modeling of ABL code

This group will be used to tag all OE Hive content which relates to UML, modeling, and the Enterprise Architect product. Subscribe to this group to be notified of any additions or changes to this content.

Using Enterprise Architect with OpenEdge

The Enterprise Architect product from Sparx Systems is emerging as the preferred UML modeling tool at many OpenEdge sites. In order to make it easy for people to get started using this powerful tool, information will be collected here to assist people in this process.

ABL2UML - Modeling Existing ABL Systems with UML

Given the need to enhance or transform a large existing ABL application, one is often hampered in the task by limited or out of date documentation. This project seeks to create a tool set that will read existing ABL code and the corresponding database to build a UML model of the application. This model can then be used for analysis and potentially can serve as the basis for future changes.

This project will consist of three stages:
1. Defining a UML "Profile" for ABL so that there are appropriate UML stereotypes to express the structural realities and relationships of ABL code and the corresponding dictionary.
2. Creating a tool for loading Progress dictionary information into a UML modeling tool using these stereotypes.
3. Creating a tool which will read and analyze ABL code and then load this information into a UML modeling tool using the stereotypes of the Profile.

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