ABL2DB - Databasing ABL information for Analysis

The ABL compiler provides some valuable tools for analyzing individual compile units, but this information can become far more valuable if systematically gathered into a database and supplemented with other information and analysis tools. Presentation on this project can be found at http://cintegrity.com/content/Databasing-ABL-Code-and-Data-Relationships and http://cintegrity.com/content/How-Can-I-Fix-Applied-Use-ABL2DB%0B-Real-W... .

I am in the process of filling out the documentation, which should appear gradually so check back for additions and corrections. Check the Installation page for copies of the code. The initial release was 0.50. See the change log for on-going changes. I am in the process of integrating Proparse to perform some new functions which could not be achieved with just the listing and xref files. The Proparse versions will begin numbering with 1.01 to signify the substantial leap in capability. As this is new and has complexity not in prior versions, proceed with caution to start, but I am anxious to get some real testing done on other code bases.

This is very much a work-in-process, so as people try it out and find bugs or opportunities for improvement, please let me know at thomas at cintegrity dot com. I have a number of improvements and extensions in the pipeline and will happily consider others.

NOTE: The ABL code in this project will probably run on any reasonably recent version of Progress on any platform, but recent releases of ABL2DB use Proparse in multiple steps and those will only run on Windows. ABL2DB has no UI other than writing to logs and so can be used as a batch process without any particular development environment. Thus, a minimal installation should be possible with a client networking installation on Windows. The Analysis database could be on another platform and the reports should run on that platform.

Report bugs and feature requests on the ABL2DB & ABL2UML Forum