This tool has been designed for easily customization for site specific requirements. Installation instructions below assume installation in the context of PDSOE, but are easily adapted to batch operation, which is likely to be the norm for day to day operation.

All code, except the launcher, is packaged under com.cintegrity. One should define a project for work on ABL2DB which has separate source and run directories. I use src and run, but you can use whatever you like as long as you make the appropriate modifications as indicated on the configuration page. The current tool creates XREF, LIST, and DEBUG output from its empirical compile. The DEBUG output is not currently used, but it is expected to use it as the tool evolves. I use xrf, lst, and debug for these destinations respectively. You should create directories for your preferred names under the same project. I also create a rpt directory as the destination for the logs which are produced in running ABL2DB. The source code in the zip below should be installed in the src (or whatever you called it) directory.

My inclination is to put the database in a directory *not* under the project containing ABL2DB because it facilitates multiple projects accessing this same database as well as easier version transition. Again, put it where you like and edit accordingly.

The structure file below is just a sample to get you started.

The instructions for installing Proparse are in the PDF below. The expectation is that you will be using it in PDSOE, but there is no requirement that you do so.

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