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Suprema Biomini Fingerprint scanner

Classes to access and enroll with Suprema's Biomini fingerprint scanners


What is the DataDigger?

The DataDigger is a window that shows all tables in all connected databases. You can select a table, select which fields you want to see and browse through the data of that table. You can add, update, delete, import and export the data, even multiple records at the same time.

The DataDigger is free and can be found at


Create Content

To create content on the OpenEdge Hive, you must decide both what type of content you want to create and to which group or groups you want the content to belong. The various types of content are described here. All Hive content must belong to at least one group and the group should be chosen so that people subscribed to that group will find your content relevant to their interest area. You must be subscribed to a group in order to add content to that group.


A place to play

You must be subscribed to the Sandbox in order to use it for playing or for tentative work. We use this group because all nodes require a group "audience". Use this Sandbox as the audience if you are just playing or if you are not yet ready to publish the nodes you are creating. If you decide to publish your node, you can change it to another group (other than Sandbox), and request that your new node be referenced from some existing node on the Hive.

Hive group

Discussion and work on The Hive itself

Welcome to The Hive Group! Be sure to subscribe, and don't forget to click "my subscription" if you want to subscribe to the mailing list.

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The Hive project

This is where "The OpenEdge Hive" is maintained and built. You can find site documentation, submit bugs and feature requests if something on the website does not work well, and you can discuss the features of this website in the Hive group. Submit specific issues on the The Hive Project Issue Tracker and more general discussion on the The Hive Group Forum

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