Articles about modernizing legacy applications

The DocxFactory Project

DocxFactory is a free project for generating .DOCX files.

Features at a glance -

  • Simple to use - To create a .DOCX file, design a template (regular .DOCX file) and merge your data with the template using 4GL/ABL or from the command line. No technical knowledge of the .DOCX file format (Open XML) is required.
  • Powerful - Does a lot more than simply inserting values and creating simple letters, it allows you to truly create real world, sophisticated reports and includes barcodes, pictures, paging features and much more.

A Business Case for Progress Modernization

Over the years I have come across many Progress applications where management wonders whether they should stay with Progress. The application does what it was designed to do but is regarded as old fashioned by users and some management members. Perhaps the technology or the user interface is outdated and they blame Progress. External consultants and peers are quick to agree with this impression as anyone unfamiliar with Progress would rather implement new functionality in technologies they know. According to these consultants, the only option is to rewrite the application from scratch using different tools and technology.

The above scenario seems all too familiar to many software professionals, so is therefore all the more astonishing because the whole picture is based on misinformation.

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