Development Tool Extras

A simple tool to help generate webspeed code.

There are times when you create a web page with many html inputs. Creating the get-value() and variables for the logic of the program can be tedious and time consuming. This routine can help you generate the code automatically.

Simply feed it the HTML page (javascript and speedscript doesn't mean anything to it) and the output file you want the code to be contained in.

See attached file as code is maligned by the wiki.

Enhanced Procedure Object Viewer (in Protools)

This is an enhanced version of the Procedure Object Viewer made by Sebastien Lacroix at the Progress European Tech Support.

It has been optimized to handle ADM2/Dynamics Smart Objects or anything that involves super procedures. It includes a Code Viewer and a Smart Object Property Viewer, and has an optimized GUI (resizable, context saved...) Update on the 24-Sep-2004: -OE10 and 9.1D. Can generate override code or code to interact with an object when an entry has parameters -can copy into the clipboard: property name/value, object name, entry name -Custom filters on window title (such as container builder).

Updated application compiler

Integrated compilation of Web-Objects in the "Application Compiler". The application compiler is now able to compile *.html files. This file replaces the one that comes with the progress distribution.

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Sascha Hoffmann

Dynamics Deployment Application Assembler

This contains a documented process and tools to build a thin-client (Webclient) application that is ready for deployment and use. The document is only for the use of Progress Dynamics as application framework and the use of Roundtable for Software Configuration Management. Versions of this tool were created by Progress Software Professional Services in conjunction with the firm appSolutions ( The included code and documentation is provided as-is, with no implied warranty or support by either organization. Additional consulting services for the use of this process and tools is strongly recommended and may be obtained from either organization.

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