OE Techniques and Coding

Code samples, whitepapers, and discussion on techniques for using various ABL features and solving various requirements faced in writing ABL code.

Code Samples

Small fragments of ABL code which illustrate some principle or technique

Coding Standards and Best Practice

Discussions and Examples related to coding standards and best practices in developing ABL applications

Components & Managers

Code samples which are unifed components or managers ready to be incorporated in other code

Interfaces to Other Languages or Databases

Code and tools for creating a connection between ABL applications and other language systems or databases


Code, discussions, and whitepapers related to the use of object-oriented techniques in coding ABL applications.

Operating System and Application Interfaces

Information and examples for interfacing ABL applications to the operating system and common applications such as word processors, spreadsheets, and e-mail


Documentation and examples on how to use ProDataSets


Code, discussions, and whitepapers related to reporting from ABL applications

UI design guidelines

General User Interface design and review guidelines

Web Services & Other Integration Technologies

Whitepapers and code samples related to webservices and other related integration technologies.

Web UI Development

This section covers WebSpeed, Ajax, eScript and any other technology for creating and deploying browser user interfaces (WUI).


Tools and samples related to the use of XML

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