OEA and AppBuilder Support and Supplement

Plugins and tools to help expand the OpenEdge Architect or AppBuilder

OpenEdge Perspective Switcher

This Plugin allows the developer to control when the Perspective is changed automatically between the OpenEdge Editor/Appbuilder and Visual Designer Perspectives based on the file extension and the Editor that is being used to edit the file.

OpenEdge Perspective Switcher PreferencesOpenEdge Perspective Switcher Preferences

Install the Plugin by extracting the .zip file and then copying the .jar file into the dropins directory of your Progress Developer Studio (ie: C:\Progress\OpenEdge\oeide\eclipse\dropins).

Preprocess, Debug, Xref view in OpenEdge Architect

Hi all,

When you are using OEA as your code editor, you probably also have the need to quickly view the preprocessed, debug-list or xref of the file you are working on. OEA does not support these features except (depending on the version) for the preprocess view. However you can customize OEA yourself so you can get these views easily.
Attached you will find the code and some documentation for implemented these features.
Hope you can use these and let me know if you have any bugs found or have any other comment.


Kees Vlasblom
Caesar Group


There's a very good plugin for Eclipse which integrates Eclipse with Microsoft Visual SourceSafe. It's org.vssplugin developed by Marcus Nylander, unfortunately it's not been updated since 2007. The latest version is 1.6.2 and it was developed for Eclipse 3.2, so it doesn't work with 3.4 and higher. Since I work with a quite unique VSS configuration I desperately needed to modify this plugin but before that I had to make it work on Eclipse 3.4.

KsvPlugin for OpenEdge Architect

KsvPlugin for OEA is a set of useful tools which allows you to make your work with OpenEdge Architect more productive and less painful. It softens project-centric paradigm of Eclipse allowing you to develop in good old way of Procedure Editor. The set includes some tools which were developed for Ksv Editor (a modification of Procedure Editor).



I'm not sure where this should go, but it is part of a recent set of releases on PSDN code share, some of which had to do with Eclipse so I'm putting it here for now.

HTTP Client

This is a couple of items from PSDN.

Eclipse Components for OpenEdge Architect

These are some links published on PSDN Code share to provide the components of Eclipse which one might use in association with OpenEdge Architect.

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