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To create content on the OpenEdge Hive, you must decide both what type of content you want to create and to which group or groups you want the content to belong. The various types of content are described here. All Hive content must belong to at least one group and the group should be chosen so that people subscribed to that group will find your content relevant to their interest area. You must be subscribed to a group in order to add content to that group.

To see a list of all current groups and to update your subscriptions, go here. For some more information on where to put content see here.

To create content, either Browse Groups, select the desired group, and a content menu will appear in the right column or if you already have the necessary group memberships, you can use the links below:

General Content
Book Page, one or more pages on a topic arranged sequentially and in a hierarchy. Only the top page should be linked to the Classification for the site map. Great for multi-part content.

Page, a single isolated page about a topic.

User Link, a database of links to external websites and add descriptions to them.

Project Related Content
Project, a database for issues, bug tracking, and feature requests.

Issue, used to attach issues to Projects

Forum Topic, used to add a new forum topic to an existing forum.

Group, add a new Organic Group, which is a group of people who share a common interest and like to collaborate on that. Often but not neccesarily associated with a Project.

Other Content
Blog Entry, useful for general observations or running commentary.

Image are uploaded in order to use them in other pages.

Poll, used to create a public poll.


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Creating an OpenEdge Dynamic Browse - Remove Vertical Scrolllbar

I am creating a dynamic browse in a scrollable frame. Since the browse is dynamic, I can predetermine the number of rows that I will need, and as a result, create a browse of exactly that many rows. I don't need a vertical scrollbar, and it just looks ugly next to the needed scrollbar for the frame. So, rather than it just being there disabled, can I get rid of it altogether? Setting VERTICAL-SCROLLBAR = FALSE doesn't seem to do anything.