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New projects (or releases) may be added any time, or perhaps there are discussions about projects you are interested in. Or maybe someone posts bugs and feature requests for projects and your feedback matters. But how do you know if something interesting is happening?

You could visit the site daily/weekly and click the "recent" tab to find out what's new, but that is boring and we don't expect you to do that. Instead, you can have the news come to you! There are several different ways:

1. receive a daily digest by e-mail

The daily digest is a very modest e-mail and is sent once a day, but not on days when there is no news. The e-mail contains headlines and links to new pages and new comments and gives you a clear overview of the day. You can subscribe and unsubscribe any time you want. To subscribe, you have to be logged in and go to "my account" and then choose tab "my notify settings". It is easy and I would highly recommend it.

2. subscribe to group mailing lists

You are probably more interested in some projects than in other projects, and you don't really want to wait for the daily digest to hear news about your favourite projects. You can't really participate in a hot discussion when you only have a daily digest.

In that case, group subscriptions are the Big Thing: everything is linked to groups (to name one example the "Prolint project" is linked to the "Prolint group") and you can subscribe anytime to any group. Or unsubscribe.

When you are subscribed you can also enable/disable e-mail notifications. How it works: each group has its own e-mail list; every change is immediately e-mailed to that e-mail list; the list forwards the e-mail to every subscriber who has notifications enabled. But, unfortunately for us, it is disabled by default...

To enable e-mail notifications, go to the group you are interested in. Subscribe to the group (if you have not already). Then, in the group menu choose option "my subscription". You get a page where you can enable/disable e-mail notifications for that group.

3. RSS feeds.

Almost every page has RSS feeds.
For example when you click tab "projects" you get to see a dynamic listing of everything that we consider to be a project. Near the bottom of that page is an RSS icon. When you teach your feedreader to monitor that feed, it will notify you when a new project is added to the site.
Similar RSS feeds are everywhere on the site, even in the Subversion repository so you can monitor if our hardworking code volunteers are really as hardworking as they claim to be.

One advantage of RSS feeds is that you don't need a user account to use them. An other advantage is that you can have very specific feeds, like "new items in the issue tracker of project XYZ" or "new blogs by user Joe" if that's what you are interested in.


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jurjen's picture

subscribe to issues (like bugs and feature requests)

I just found a new subscription mechanism. Suppose you submit an issue to a project, for example a bug or feature request. Then I bet you also want to be notified when somebody posts a follow-up to your issue. To get a notification you need to be subscribed to issues.

There are 3 subscription levels: "none" means no email at all, "own issues" means you only get notifications when someody replies to your own issues, and "all" means you get notified on any issue in that particular project. This last one is especially important for project owners, but is also fun when you are seriously interested in a project.

redskienz's picture

Tool for RSS feeds

I have been using widget "RSS ticker tape of Paul Brill" to monitor discussions, posts, code share , blogs... etc since 2 years.

By choosing preferred feeds, you can stay updated with your favorite topics while developing on certain project.

Check this link: