browser plugins for Proogle

Mozilla FireFox

(compiled from PEG messages by Gordon Robertson and Scott M Dulecki)

When you use Mozilla FireFox as your browser, you can teach it so search in Proogle.
Here is how:
Locate your FireFox installation directory; on my PC it is "C:\Program Files\Mozilla Firefox"
This directory already has a subdirectory "searchplugins".

Attached to this topic is a file "", it contains two files "proogle.src" and "proogle.gif". Save these two files in the "searchplugins" directory.
The Proogle search plugin will be enabled when you restart FireFox.

MS Internet Explorer 7

The procedure for IE7 is easier, just click the following link (if you are currently viewing this page with IE7): Add Proogle to IE7

proogle-firefox.zip1.11 KB


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Firefox plugin on Mycroft

I have created a Firefox search plug-in on

Click on the Proogle link to add the search engine, not sure how to include screen-shots here, will post them on the community

an easier way to add Proogle to Firefox

The author can use this method to make the firefox plugin easy to install (similar to the IE7 method used here)

It works!

Interesting feature; I like to save a few seconds here and there.