Proogle Search Plugin for Chrome

To add the Proogle search engine to Chrome:

  1. Access the Chrome menu (Wrench or three bars, showing tooltip "Customize and control Google Chrome")
  2. Click on Manage Search Engines.
  3. There are three boxes to fill to add a search engine:
    1. Add a new search engine: Enter Proogle or another descriptive name
    2. Keyword: Enter proogle or another string you would like to use to start a search from the address bar
    3. URL with %s in place of query Enter the following string:

Proogle Search Plugin For Opera

For Opera, there are two ways to add a search engine:

1. Manual.
- Press CTRL-F12 to bring up the settings window
- Select tab 'search engines'
- Click 'add'
- Click 'details >>'
- Enter the data for the search engine:
name : Proogle
key : P

2. Changing search.ini
- locate the search.ini file in directory C:\Documents and Settings\\Application Data\Opera\Opera\profile\
- add the following lines:

[Search Engine 22]

browser plugins for Proogle

Mozilla FireFox

(compiled from PEG messages by Gordon Robertson and Scott M Dulecki)

When you use Mozilla FireFox as your browser, you can teach it so search in Proogle.
Here is how:
Locate your FireFox installation directory; on my PC it is "C:\Program Files\Mozilla Firefox"
This directory already has a subdirectory "searchplugins".

Attached to this topic is a file "", it contains two files "proogle.src" and "proogle.gif". Save these two files in the "searchplugins" directory.
The Proogle search plugin will be enabled when you restart FireFox.

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