Where to put content?

When adding new content to The Hive, there are always two big questions -- what kind of content and where should the content be added. The first question is discussed here. Having picked the type of node or nodes that you want to add, one needs to know where and how to add it. This depends on the nature of the content.

If you are adding multi-part content such as a series of book pages collected into a manual, a series of book pages containing code samples, a project with associated forum, documentation, etc., then the first important point to keep in mind is that one wants one node and only one node from this set to the the top level node, the home, for the whole set. Only this top level node will be added to the site navigation and the rest of the content will be found from there. The Hive editors reserve the right to add new categories and/or switch categories in a way that we feel will make you material most easily found and most appropriately grouped with other related material.

If you are adding a single page of content, e.g., a description with an attached white paper and it is not a part of any larger body of work, then this becomes a single top level node and is handled just like the top level node for something larger.

If what you are adding is a book page or blog entry, i.e., something which isn't really a whole substantive topic all on its own, then you need to attach it below some top level node. If this is a case of supplementing an existing FAQ, for example, then you would create a book page and use the outline tab to attach it to the appropriate place within the book. If it is something more like a blog entry, then you need to figure out what larger topic it might be part of. Don't be afraid to ask us to create some new categories and top level nodes to serve as an appropriate place to connect your content.

Let us know if you have any questions so that we can try to make the most useful site for everyone.