How to upload a photograph (or image)

A picture can say more than a thousand words. Yet I am going to waste some words: on the subject of how to upload a picture to this website.

I think there are broadly two purposes for images:
- you are writing some text (like a help topic) and want to attach an in-line image to illustrate the text, or
- the image itself is the subject (for example a photograph) and you want to publish it, probably in an image gallery

Whatever the purpose is, the first hurdle you've got to take is uploading the image. Once you have uploaded the image you can reuse it in articles or galleries all over the website.


Before you begin, make sure the picture is not larger than 1024 pixels wide and 1024 pixels heigh. Smaller is fine, but the website will simply refuse to store your image if it does not fit in a square of 1024x1024. If your picture is larger you will have to use a tool like Photoshop to shrink it before you can try to upload the pic to The Hive.

Create an Image node:

When you are logged in you can choose menu-item "Create content | image" in your personal action menu, or menu-item "create image" in one of the group menus.
A form will appear where you can assign a title and a body text (to describe the picture) and of course a file picker to select the image that you want to upload.
In this form you can also choose to select an "Image Gallery", but this is optional. Galleries are nice for events like Progress Exchanges, for example. When you select a gallery, your image will appear as a thumbnail in the gallery at and the image node will have Prev/Next links so people can easily browse the gallery. Nice!
Note: you can only pick one of the already existing galleries, there is currently no way for you to create a new gallery. If you want a new gallery, please consult one of the site administrators.
Submit the form when you are pleased with what you have entered. The website will store the image (if not larger than 1024x1024) and will also create a small thumbnail. The image will have its own webpage and people will be able to add comments to it.

Insert an image in a text:

When you are editing a node (like for example a help text) you can insert an image into the text. Just below the editor field is a link "add image", when you click it you will see a popup that shows thumbnails of your image nodes. You can select one and fill in some attributes to have it inserted in your text. It is probably pretty self-explaining but there is one catch: the image size. When you select "size=other" you can enter any size you want, but you probably want the original full size of the image. Unfortunately the popup seems to suggest wrong defaults, so you have to remember the correct dimensions and enter them yourself in the dialog.