MIT Progress Adapter for Fuse

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Change log for the Progress Adapter for Fuse


  • ????????
    • Logging more flexible (undocumented).
    • No more default output for log messages using LOG-MANAGER.
    • Tests modified to produce same output as in previous release.
  • 20090423
    • Initial public release.









Using the Progress Adapter for Fuse Message Broker

Using the OpenEdge Adapter for Fuse Message Broker

Getting started


  • The message broker must be running. If the broker requires authentication
    you must know a user name and password.
  • The STOMP listener must be accessible over the network. You must know the
    host name and port number.
  • The directory stompAdapter from the adapter code distribution must be in
    the PROPATH.

Defining the connection with the broker

Progress Fuse Adapter Documentation

OpenEdge Adapter for Fuse Message Broker


The OpenEdge Adapter for Fuse Message Broker enables connections from an
OpenEdge™ ABL application to Fuse™ Message Broker or Apache ActiveMQ (or
other messaging solution as described below). It consists of a number of ABL
classes that should be referenced in an ABL application that needs to exchange
messages with the outside world using one of the supported world class
messaging solutions.

Progress Fuse Adapter Project

Progress Fuse Adapter
Written in OO ABL and supports the stomp protocol.
Code comments in Dutch


  • Using the adapter
  • API details
  • Change log

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