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Starting ADPlus debugger from a session

The Progress Knowledge base (entries P116692 and P130210) mentions the Microsoft ADPlus tool.
I have written a small procedure that can be run in a prowin32 session (db connection required) to start the ADPlus tool for that session.


  • ADPlus.exe is installed and copied to c:\progress\adplus.exe. I had trouble with paths containing spaces.
  • a directory c:\tmp\crashlog must exist
  • Paths in the code are for 64bit windows, these will differ in 32bit

No-focus bug vs feature

Prior to OpenEdge 10.1, when you click a no-focus, flat button in a window the window does not get focus. It's z-order among other windows is unchanged.

In 10.1A this feature (Progress calls it a bug) is fixed. Clicking a no-focus button now sets the focus to the window containing the button.

I'm looking for a way to get the old behaviour back.

Sample installer for Codejock components runtime

My window with the codejock components is ready for beta testing. I now needed to make an installer for the runtime version of the components. Some weeks ago I came across NSIS (Nullsoft Scriptable Install System).

In less than an hour I was able to create an installer with it.
I've attached a simple nsis source. It expects the runtime version of the components, found in cab files in %Program Files%\Codejock Software\ActiveX\Xtreme SuitePro ActiveX v11.1.0\bin\Redist, to be extracted to a subdirectory Components.

Codejock ShortcutBar and CommandBarsFrame

This is my first attempt at a blog, forgive me for any newbie blog errors.
I'm developing a non-smart Progress window using the Codejock ShortcutBar and CommandBarsFrame controls.
I use Codejock 11.1 and Progress 10.1B01

I cannot share the actual code I developed, but I will try to share some of solutions for issues I encountered.



The items added using AddItem must be windows, passing the hWnd of a frame won't work.
Progress windows aren't really suited for this job, but with the extra undocumented

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