Does anybody uses Prolint with ActiveX

I try to use the newest version of Prolint which uses ActiveX. And cannot get it working with MSCOMCTL.OCX.
I need to know if anybody got it working on OpenEdgee is in 11.5.

Codejock ShortcutBar and CommandBarsFrame

This is my first attempt at a blog, forgive me for any newbie blog errors.
I'm developing a non-smart Progress window using the Codejock ShortcutBar and CommandBarsFrame controls.
I use Codejock 11.1 and Progress 10.1B01

I cannot share the actual code I developed, but I will try to share some of solutions for issues I encountered.



The items added using AddItem must be windows, passing the hWnd of a frame won't work.
Progress windows aren't really suited for this job, but with the extra undocumented

Generate include files for Windows constants

The included program allows the generation of include files containing pre-processor definition for all of the constants within any type library. Type libraries may either be specific type library files (.olb,.tlb) or can be contained within .exe,.dll or .ocx files.
I typically need to know constants when working with COM or ActiveX objects in the 4GL. Often, the documentation for such objects refers to various property values by the name of the constant. This is because most documentation is geared towards development environments where the constant values will automatically be made available to the developer. Such is not the case for Progress.

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