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Does anybody uses Prolint with ActiveX

I try to use the newest version of Prolint which uses ActiveX. And cannot get it working with MSCOMCTL.OCX.
I need to know if anybody got it working on OpenEdgee is in 11.5.

Running Prolint - error 6087

I am at the setup stage of running Prolint 74 in OpenEdge Developer Studio (Open Edge 11.5 - 64 bit).
Proparse.net loads properly.
The Prolint screen starts. When I add files to be tested and press OK the error 6087 is displayed when it hits the procedure control-load in prolint/outputhandlers/logwin.w.
Please, help - Hanna

Prolint not loading Proparse.net

I need help with using Prolint on Open Edge 11.5 - 64 bit.
I am trying to evaluate Prolint if it can be part of our development system. As I read about it, it looks very promising. Unfortunately I encountered problems with loading propase.net.

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