Commercial Tools

SOS - Schedule Optimizing Software® by Tugboat Software

SOS - Schedule Optimizing Software® by Tugboat Software enables manufacturing enterprises to eliminate labor waste, drive down the cost of operation and improve worker satisfaction. This tightly integrated suite of tools provides a comprehensive system which automates all aspects of labor scheduling.

Roundtable® Team by Tugboat Software

Roundtable® Team is an easy-to-use version control solution for managing ongoing changes to development projects. This innovative solution delivers powerful team collaboration and parallel development tools.

Roundtable® TSMS by Tugboat Software

Roundtable® TSMS provides effective software configuration management to software development departments and companies in countries worldwide. This proven engineering cost control solution helps to increase software quality, reduces time to deploy application changes, and lowers engineering costs.

Computing Integrity - Automated Transformation, Modernization, and Code Quality Improvement

Computing Integrity is currently evaluating technology that can be used to transform ABL source code and is looking for companies who have legacy code needing modernization or other improvement so that we can better understand the transformation requirements they face. The transformations we are considering vary from simple operations that improve code quality to substantial transformations required in modernizing an application.

appSolute Management

Commercial applications and tools: appSolute Management: Change Management solution (incl. Help Desk, Knowledgebase, Release Management) integrated with Roundtable and written in Progress Dynamics. appSolute Deployment: Deployment extensions to Roundtable for automated processing of AppServer and WebClient deployments. Consulting services related to Roundtable, Progress and application deployment.


Websmon provides performance monitoring tools

Sanda Software

Sanda Software provides monitoring and development tools


RepGen provides a report generator product

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