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Alon Blich Consulting Services

Alon Blich runs a consulting firm which services a number of firms using Progress-based applications. His firm performs a number of customizations to existing applications without disturbing the source code, which would prevent his clients from upgrading. Other customizations involve modifying source code and building entirely new applications.

Alon is the author of many open source tools and utilities, a great many of which are located here on OEHive.

Computing Integrity - ABL to UML and UML Analysis Tools

Existing tools for analyzing legacy ABL code have limited scope and capability. Unified Modeling Language (UML) is an established standard for analysis and design in Object-Oriented languages with rich tools and a large body of expertise available. In recent years, UML has been growing in popularity in the ABL world, but primarily for new projects.

V10 Stuff

V10stuff provides free Progress OpenEdge 10 stuff.

V9 Stuff

V9stuff provides free Progress version 9 stuff.


Turner Consulting offers contract programming, consulting, and the XL-pro download

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