Transformation Consulting

Includes firms with a specialization in transforming legacy code into modern structures. Click on the title of the listing to see the full entry for the company. In the entry there are also links to the company's main Yellow Page listing and website.

Future Proof Software

Future Proof Software has specialized in Progress/OpenEdge for over 20 years, and we have built an impressive track record in the Progress community. President and founder Peter van Dam is well known for his publications and conference talks as well as for various frameworks he created that are still widely used around the globe. Our consultancy skills range from CHUI to OpenEdge GUI for .NET and from WebSpeed to Ajax.

Braun Consulting

Braun Consulting has long-standing practical experience which is not limited on structured operation of analysis methods, CASE-tools and objectorientated development tools but contains know-how for fast, professional and successful realization of large-scale projects and part of projects.

Braun Consulting carries out Enterprise Application Integration.

Computing Integrity - Transformation and Modernization

Many companies are facing the need for a major transformation of their software systems. This need can arise from desire for a new user interface or a requirement for supply chain integration. The application may simply be old, patched, and difficult to maintain, and thus in need of major restructuring.

Full transformation or even major rework of a subsystem can be a dauntingly huge task using conventional methods, but CI has tools and techniques that dramatically reduce the costs associated with transformation while simultaneously improving the quality of the resulting system.

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