OpenEdge® Reference Architecture
Whitepapers, discussions, and code related to PSC's recommended application architecture. Includes framework components for building OERA-compliant applications and discussions of OERA topics of interest.

OERA Reference Implementations

Includes AutoEdge and any future reference implementations of the OpenEdge® Reference Architecture

UML, MDA, & Application Transformation

Code, Discussions, and Whitepapers related to the use of UML modeling tools and MDA (Model Driven Architecture) for code generation along with other tools for Application Transformation.

OERA Framework

Code, whitepapers, and discussions related to components for building an OERA-compliant application.

OERA Miscellaneous

Whitepapers, dicussions, and code not related to another OERA topic


Group for news on ABL2DB and ABL2UML

This group exists to provide targeted notifications for those interested in ABL2DB or ABL2UML.

Bugs and Feature Requests

Please post report bugs and feature requests on the ABL2DB & ABL2UML Forum rather than adding comments here.

Join the group by using the My Membership link at the bottom of the second set in the right margin.

The following topics are related to this group:


This tool has been designed for easily customization for site specific requirements. Installation instructions below assume installation in the context of PDSOE, but are easily adapted to batch operation, which is likely to be the norm for day to day operation.

ABL2DB - Databasing ABL information for Analysis

The ABL compiler provides some valuable tools for analyzing individual compile units, but this information can become far more valuable if systematically gathered into a database and supplemented with other information and analysis tools. Presentation on this project can be found at http://cintegrity.com/content/Databasing-ABL-Code-and-Data-Relationships and http://cintegrity.com/content/How-Can-I-Fix-Applied-Use-ABL2DB%0B-Real-W... .

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Versión en español

ABLaUML is an Thomas Mercer-Hursh (thomas@cintegrity.com) ABL2UML (http://www.oehive.org/ABL2UML) derivative work.
We use ABLaUML to model legacy procedural systems. In order to do that we take the original code and convert it to object oriented code, changing the monolitic generation model into a model of discret succesive generation tasks.

Transformation Blog

"Transformation" has become an increasing popular topic among Progress' Application Partners and end user customers with responsibility for their own legacy applications. This blog will be an on-going discussion of topics related to transformation including, but not limited to, different types of transformation, transformation strategies, transformation tools, and anything else which might help a company with a legacy ABL application decide how and what to modernize.

OERA Open Source Initiative

The OERA Open Source Initiative (OERA OSI) is a project to define, create, and refine a series of production quality components which can serve as a sound basis for those creating their own OERA implementations. The primary focus will be components which would form a portion of the Common Infrastructure portion of the standard OERA model, but we will not exclude contributions for other sorts of helper classes which might be used as part of a Data Access, Business Logic, or UI layer.

The Transformation Triangle

Transformation Triangle: For use in Transformation Triangle pageTransformation Triangle: For use in Transformation Triangle page

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