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Creating a forum

"Does one have to have a project to have a forum or can one just add a
forum on OE Hive?"

A Project is not required for creating a Forum.

All the forums on oehive presently are Organic Group forums. Anybody can create an OG. It looks like I can also create a standalone Forum, but I don't know what that would mean with regard to notifications and content etc, because all the other content on oehve belongs to a specific forum.

I think it's supposed to be possible to add multiple OG Forums for one OG, but I haven't seen in the menus how to do that.

User Sanders111 created some garbage pages, who can delete them?

User Sanders111 created some garbage pages, who can delete them?

oehive upgrade efforts

Just a few notes in case anybody else is interested.

There will be a few of us volunteers working on this, but it's going to be an evenings and weekends effort, so we don't expect anything to move real fast.

Oehive's Drupal+modules source code is all in a public SVN repository. We also took a snapshot of the database. So, I think we all have what we need to get going (all the code and data).

Moving Forward

Time for a project to move OE Hive onto a more modern version of Drupal. I propose the following outline for this work:

1. Review modules in use as previously, but update for current D6 and D7 status.
2. Evaluate the importance of any problem modules and consider possible replacements. Determine if there is anything that can be left out.
3. Determine a plan for initial implementation. Consider D7 if possible, but D6 is more likely.
4. Copy production to staging.
5. Upgrade staging to the proposed configuration.
6. Test
7. Move to Production ... with lots of backups!

Add Comment on Taxonomy page

It would be nice to get rid of the Add Comment on the taxonomy pages. One really should go to the actual node before considering whether to add a comment.

Scheduled downtime

Our hosting service (WestHost) is moving their data center. OEHive is "...scheduled to be moved between the hours of 9:00 p.m. MDT on June 15 and 7:00 a.m. MDT on June 16. You should expect approximately 4 hours of downtime during that window."

Unllinked code ?? or is it just missing??

Per a peg discussion:
Q:> How can I read a directory and input the filenames in a table?
download my directory tools code here:

However.. if one goes to that node the link for the code is not there that we can see.
Googling the file name I see it under the amduus directory.

Are we missing something?


Books rearranging

OEHive has several ways to organize and navigate content - one of them is "books". See the list of books. Technical definition: a book is a book-page that has no parent-page. Because of this definitions there are currently many independent single-page books, simply because they are not outlined correctly. This clutters the list of books horribly, and I believe the book list will gain value when small books are organized into larger books. For reference it may be interesting to look at the book-list at, a site with hundreds of thousands nodes and only 12 books.

Anyone else get an error when creating a new project.?

Each time i create a project during a submit there is an error at the top of the screen. I did not copy it. :( The project is created correctly as far as I can tell but just seemed odd.

Also it might help to note on the short project name that NO spaces are allowed.


Reflection API in Progress 4GL

Hello! In our application we need some classes to be created only once. I will implement these classes as singletons (with the help of the static keyword in 10.1.C)

clsBEModel = NEW CLSBETaskUserBase().
RETURN CAST (clsBEModel, CLSBETaskUserBase).

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