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Autodox is including internal procedure parameters

Hi there. I am altering autodox2.p to not show internal procedure parameters in the Html page for the procedure. So I comment out getParams in getProcedures yet I still get its parameters showing? For example I get this snippet from the Html:


INPUT internalprocedureparm1 AS CHARACTER
INPUT internalprocedureparm2 AS CHARACTER
INPUT internalprocedureparm3 AS INTEGER
INPUT-OUTPUT proceduredataset
OUTPUT procedureint AS INTEGER

I should not see the internalprocedureparm's above right?

GuiBom - from ABL+Proparse

The new ABL interface to Proparse is getting there!




FOR EACH symbolRecord
    WHERE symbolRecord.progressType EQ NodeTypes:Frame#:
  frame% = CAST(symbolRecord.symbol, Frame).
      "Frame: " frame%:getName()
  list = frame%:getAllFieldsAndWidgets().
  DO counter = 1 TO list:size():
    symbol = CAST(list:getNthElement(counter), Symbol).

New prorefactor.jar build

I posted a new build of the standalone prorefactor.jar file. The previous build had an error.

Getting table usage and function usage from proparse/prorefactor xml.


I've managed to set up the code to xml groovy script published on this website and would like to use it to determine the following:

  • Find out where a specific table X is used.

    • If possible, find out what values are searched for for field Y of table X (if the code contains FIND FIRST x WHERE x.y = "thisIsWhatINeed" NO-ERROR. I need to know the code looks for thisIsWhatINeed.) I only need to know this for 2 specific fields in 2 specific tables, not for any field in any table.

Idea for XREF and Code Analysis Project in ABL

People working with 4GL/ABL are always looking for better documentation and XREF data about their source code.

A number of thoughts came together recently, which might trigger some interest in a new project written in ABL. This might also trigger interest in extensions to existing projects.

I found that it is trivial to dump from ProRefactor to XML: the entire syntax tree, the symbol tables, all of the include file and preprocessor information, etc. This is for one compile unit (CU) at a time.


Hi all,

I am in the process of releasing Proparse under the terms of the Eclipse Public License. Think of it as a wee gift from Judy and I.

I am removing the license protection from the binary installer package on my web site, and I am loading Proparse's source up into a new SVN repository here on the Hive. I am creating a Project and a Group here on the Hive as well for issue tracking, etc.

It's probably going to be a bit sloppy at first, sorry about that. I'm pretty busy with a couple of customers at the moment.

Registration of proparse on win2003 64bit

On 64bit windows the key for proparse should be imported under


Instead of


ProRefactor 1.6.1

ProRefactor 1.6.1 is now available. This is for Proparse version 3.1a, which adds support for new ABL 10.1B syntax.

ProRefactor Version 1.5.5

  • Proparse version 3.0b05.
  • Dropped org.prorefactor.doc. User manual and documentation will just be on oehive now.
  • Added a trivial command line console and example "how used" report.

ProRefactor bug fix release 1.5.3

ProRefactor Version 1.5.3

  • Proparse version 3.0b04.
  • Fixed bug with temp-table field being defined like another field with same name.
  • Fixed bug parsing buffer parameter with no name in function forward declaration.

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