A reusable .p that gives you the contents of an xml in two temp-tables (elements and attributes).
See the fileheader for a how-to-use.


I use the sax-reader to get information about geocoding an address. I is very usefull because correct the address, check it and give my the geoposition ( lat/long ).

The problen is that in Spanish there are tilde in vocals line "José" and the SAC-READER don´t retrive it.
I give a simple example to check whay I meen, just run in the Procedure Editor, I would appreciate any help.

define variable hhandler as handle no-undo.
define variable clee as char no-undo.

Getting table usage and function usage from proparse/prorefactor xml.


I've managed to set up the code to xml groovy script published on this website and would like to use it to determine the following:

  • Find out where a specific table X is used.

    • If possible, find out what values are searched for for field Y of table X (if the code contains FIND FIRST x WHERE x.y = "thisIsWhatINeed" NO-ERROR. I need to know the code looks for thisIsWhatINeed.) I only need to know this for 2 specific fields in 2 specific tables, not for any field in any table.

DOM Tool Kit

Working with the DOM ABL statements can be a bit grueling. This tool kit makes four easy to use procedures and functions to read any given instance of an XML document tag's data or it's attributes based on the ideas found in Javascript.

A sample use:


<?xml version="1.0" ?>
     <Title subject="SciFi" entry="one">War OF The Worlds</Title>
     <Title subject="SciFi" entry="two">Battlestar Galactica</Title>
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