Code, discussions, and whitepapers related to reporting from ABL applications


Code and discussions about producing PDF documents from ABL.


Code and techniques related to the use of Crystal Reports

The DocxFactory Project

DocxFactory is a free project for generating .DOCX files.

Features at a glance -

  • Simple to use - To create a .DOCX file, design a template (regular .DOCX file) and merge your data with the template using 4GL/ABL or from the command line. No technical knowledge of the .DOCX file format (Open XML) is required.
  • Powerful - Does a lot more than simply inserting values and creating simple letters, it allows you to truly create real world, sophisticated reports and includes barcodes, pictures, paging features and much more.

New development version!

PDFInclude has a new version!

I've just released some code in the SVN repository.
See the PdfInclude page for more info on the bug fixes and new features.

However I'm not taking over as a full time maintainer, I just do that in my free time, so please don't except too much ;-)

Proprint for Progress


I have made new utility for printing professional printouts from Progress. This utility is based on jasperrepors and made in java. Also I have created progress running procedures for using it. I think it will be very usefull for progress users all over the world. Output formats are: pdf, xls (do not need MSOffice installed!), txt, rtf, xml and possibility to output to the network priner.

Also it is possible to make templates with iReport and it is free ...

Denkh HTML Reporter

More and more often companies are asking for output in PDF files. They can be more visually sophisticated with fonts, bolding, lines, bar graphs, etc. One of the problems with HTML is the lack of page numbering on listings. This can be accomplished in PDF with headers and footers available too!

Denkh is in the "amduus" repository:

Crystal Report XI MSI file for use of the ActiveX viewer

Crystal Report XI MSI file for use of the ActiveX viewer

PDF Include

Generate PDF documents from 4GL/ABL

PDFinclude is an open source Progress utility for dynamically generating reports in Adobe PDF file format without having to use third-party tools or utilities.

PDFInclude is a Free Libre Open Source Software (FLOSS), distributed under the Eclipse Public License.

PDFinclude is a stand-alone component that defines a toolset of Progress functions and procedures that aid in the output of a PDF file directly from 4GL/ABL, without having to generate a separate text file first (as in text2pdf.p).

Getting Started with Crystal 9 and Progress SQL-92 - Sample Report Files

This code examples show how to take an existing Progress Report Builder report and recreate similar functionality with Crystal Reports.

Crystal OpenClient

This code enables Crystal Reports to connect to a Progress AppServer, run 4GL code on that AppServer, and use the resulting TempTable as data for a report layout. It works with Progress 9 and 10 (OpenEdge), and with Crystal Reports 9 or 10. Minimum requirement is Crystal Reports Advanced, this offers a Java connection.

added by:
Kimberly Craven

Crystal Report 9 runtime components

Crystal Report 9 runtime components. This executables will install the necessary Crystal Report 9 components to run a Progress application that uses the Crystal Report OCX on a client machine that does not have Crystal Report installed.

added by:
Renato Reis

WebSpeed / URL Reporting Code Example

This code example shows how Crystal can retrieve data from an AppServer, reusing the existing business logic and security, just like the OpenEdge Reference Architecture prescribes.

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