OE Development Tools

Whitepapers, discussions, and code related to tools for programming in ABL, analyzing existing code, and improving and transforming ABL code.

Code Documentation Tools

Tools and discussions related to documenting ABL code

Code Editors

Editors and tools for use with editors for creating ABL applications

Code Parsing

Umbrella category for all tools, utilities, projects, and topics which have to do with any sort of examination of 4gl/ABL source code.

Code Quality & Improvement

Tools for assessing the quality of existing code and/or for modifying it to comply to standards or other changes in structure or technique.

Development Support Tools

Tools to assist in the development process

Dictionary & Schema Tools

Tools for working with or exploring the Progress database schema

Framework Components

Components which can be included in a framework to ease development efforts.

OEA and AppBuilder Support and Supplement

Plugins and tools to help expand the OpenEdge Architect or AppBuilder

Testing Tools

Unit testing and other tools for testing ABL code.

OpenEdge Session Tracing

Tuning OpenEdge application code can be daunting for a beginner. Although the tools required to debug and tune your code are available in the 4GL, they are not always easy to use and understand. This toolset aims to simplify the process of tuning without requiring major (or any) changes to your code.

Database Activity Monitor

A ChUI Database Activity Monitor that asks you to select a database connection. Database activity for that connection is then displayed in a browses - there is a Table view and an Index view. Reads / Creates / Updates by Table or Index. The activity is read from _UserTableStat and _UserIndexStat VSTs. There is a one minute auto-refresh, or it can be refreshed manually by pressing the space bar. There is a hotkey to display the stack trace for the connection, but statement caching must be enabled for this to work. There is an option to reset all stats to Zero.

ABL2DB - Databasing ABL information for Analysis

The ABL compiler provides some valuable tools for analyzing individual compile units, but this information can become far more valuable if systematically gathered into a database and supplemented with other information and analysis tools. Presentation on this project can be found at http://cintegrity.com/content/Databasing-ABL-Code-and-Data-Relationships and http://cintegrity.com/content/How-Can-I-Fix-Applied-Use-ABL2DB%0B-Real-W... .

Progress 4GL Wrapper for Zlib Library

Gzip encoding for Progress 4GL based on zlib library written by Jean-loup Gailly - http://www.zlib.net/

OpenEdge Perspective Switcher

This Plugin allows the developer to control when the Perspective is changed automatically between the OpenEdge Editor/Appbuilder and Visual Designer Perspectives based on the file extension and the Editor that is being used to edit the file.

OpenEdge Perspective Switcher PreferencesOpenEdge Perspective Switcher Preferences

Install the Plugin by extracting the .zip file and then copying the .jar file into the dropins directory of your Progress Developer Studio (ie: C:\Progress\OpenEdge\oeide\eclipse\dropins).

Progress Profiler

There is a capability built in to ABL to provide run-time execution detail on a program. It collects execution times on blocks of code so that one can evaluate performance. It returns:

  • Line numbers.
  • Number of repetitions.
  • Average time.
  • Cumulative time.

It can be used by:

  • -profile run time parameter. Profiles whole session, but does not require modifying code.


Group for discussing the Maia code generator from dot.r


Maia is a Progress ABL code generator that takes a user-defined template and produces clean, understandable, consistent code. If you have ever copied and pasted a block of code, then Maia is for you. Maia removes the need for manual code duplication.

Even better, Maia removes the need for the vast majority of dynamic coding, making your code understandable to the programmer that follows you

Justus OpenEdge Tools

Justus is a toolset for Progress 4GL that helps developers to increase quality of your projects. Justus includes a simplified 4GL parser and a test coverage tool to identify gaps on Test phase.
Future releases also include a search tool, white-box tests and dependency checker.

** Looking for Volunteers **

ProUnit Test Framework

ProUnit is a Unit Test Framework designed to improve Progress applications quality. Specially focused on automation, ProUnit is better used with Continuous Integration and build scripting tools like PCT, ANT, Bamboo, Hudson, etc.

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