OERA from .Net?


I wonder if the .Net framework supported in the upcoming 10.2A already have classes defined to be just what we'd need for the OERA components (from the beta presentation site, .Net 3.0 and 3.5 seem to be supported)?
I know almost nothing about .Net, but there seems to be a large API with a well thought structure.

Since 10.2A will support ABL classes inheriting from .Net classes, we'll probably be able to override .Net component methods to use our own ABL implementation if needed, and in many cases, we'll probably don't even need to have an ABL implementation!


There's been some good discussion about what should and should not be in a framework, which components should be required and which should be optional, etc.

Of course the blueprint for this framework is OERA, but I believe that what's missing from this discussion is an example implementation of a modern Rapid Application Development framework.


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