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Exchange at OEHive or at PSDN?

Last week we created this Exchange group at OEHive, so you can post whatever you like to post about Progress Exchange 2007 (Phoenix).
Yesterday the good folks at Progress did the same, so now there is also an Exchange forum at PSDN: url is and there is interesting content already.

added new group: "Exchange and PTW"

I have added a new group to the Hive: "Exchange and PTW". The purpose of this group is to make it easy to write blogs (or other content types like pictures) and also to make it easy to locate them. An other purpose is to enable targetted e-mail notifications, because you receive an e-mail notification when you are subsribed to this group and anyone posts anything to the group. Effectively, the Exchange related topics are transported from the "The Hive" group to the new group, because the "The Hive" group is supposed to discuss Hive features.

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