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Failed to deploy Web Service for :wsa1. WSA request error: CONNECT FAILLURE

Hi Experts,

AIX, OpenEdge 10.1A, Apache Tomcat 5.5

I am trying to deploy a web service but getting this error

Failed to deploy Web Service for :wsa1.
WSA request error: CONNECT FAILLURE.


Failed to deploy Web Service for :wsa1.
WSA request error: REQUEST FAILLURE.

I tried all the steps mentioned by Progress knowledge base.

But could not get the right solution

Any help is highly appreciated.

Adding index to table - what queries will change

I don't know if this is the correct place to ask this question and maybe someone else has already asked this.
Is there a tool that can evaluates all queries in a development-environment (list of directories with sources) and report all the sources that have queries that will use the new index when you add that new index to a database-table?

Crystal 2008

I'm working on migrating our current solutions for a Crystal Reports viewer to version 2008. We're running OE 10.1C although I need to provide a v9.1e compatible solution (don't ask!). Truble is all API and COM support has been stripped in version 2008 of Crystal and I can't see a way forward. Has anyone worked on this sort of thing? Can anyone provide some pointers for getting started. This is turning into a nightmare.

Table in memory

Hi, Is There a way to know wich table is running in the memory ?

SVN Integration to UNIX progress procedure editor

Has anyone written some sort of procedure editor customization for the character based version that would handle the same job has subclipse does for openedge architect ?

In other words, I am looking for an added menu item in the procedure editor that would pertain to most subversion tasks and activities (ie: Update, Commit, Synchronize, Diff, Merge etc.)


Installing ProVision 9.1 D

We have a licensed seat of proVision 9.1D, need to load onto my new PC, un-install from existing pc, we don't have the original install instructions- I know we install from the Progress 9.1D CD. Can anyone point me in the right direction?

Eclipse Monkey?

Anyone tried Eclipse Monkey to automate tasks in Architect?

Browse Progress

I possess one browse with the option multiple-selection. However, I do not know how to recoup the marked registers.

Treeview of 4glTrace of the LOG-MANAGER?

Does anyone know about a program that would be a Treeview of the output created with LOG-MANAGER when at least the 4GLTRACE log entry type is activated ("à la Pro*Spy Plus" but with all the details from the LOG-MANAGER log)?

OpenEdge Architect and SVN integration

Hi Folks,

My first post here. I was wondering if anyone has had any luck using the Polarion Subversive plug-in with OE Architect 10.1.1

I install the plug-in successfully but no corresponding perspective is available to open.

I have no problems using the plugin with a native eclipse 3.2 install.

Thanks in advance!

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