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Testing character values to see if they are integer, decimal or character values.

This set of examples show various methods to test for character, integer, and decimal values.
The various test methods came from a discussion on the PEG and suggestions by members and myself.

Typical time results per 100,000 iterations of the functions.

¦-123                                              ¦
¦                                                  ¦
¦fn-ISCHAR-loop:   31510 ms no  Loop method        ¦
¦fn-ISCHAR:         3681 ms no  DEC(x) error method¦

Dynamic Transaction (record write,delete.create)

have two procedures that work that can called from trigger level within trigger. They passed a number of paramters including one temp-table containing create/delete information , the 2nd program accepts the current new record and the old record


DEF TEMP-TABLE ttnewCustomer LIKE Customer.
CREATE ttnewcustomer.
BUFFER-COPY customer TO ttnewcustomer.
DEF TEMP-TABLE ttoldCustomer LIKE customer.
CREATE ttoldcustomer.
BUFFER-COPY oldcustomer TO ttoldCustomer.

Temp-table to COM Excel

This is a procedure i wrote some years ago now. want to do the same for xml csv , then seperate one for pdf and rtf templates if you want full details of project let me know

OO Socket Sample Code

Using sockets with the 4gl and classes is an "interesting" exercise. This book contains examples of how to use classes and sockets for a client and server system. There are examples of how to use the client to connect to a web page and download the source. There is also a client / server system that uses XML to pass messages between the server and clients.

General Principles


Thing is a free UNIX and Windows® Progress® data editor, table editor, browser, searcher, field locator and dictionary display tool useful for program development.


Lightweight, fast and extensible message queue bridge that can connect different message providers such as Progress Sonic MQ or IBM WebSphere MQ (former MQ Series). Plugins for JMS and MQI are provided.

The project is hosted on

Proparse Book

This book is for the Proparse open source ABL parser.

4GL Thrown Exceptions

The project is now part of the Standard Libraries project


Unzip the files, make sure they're on the PROPATH and that's it.

ABL2UML - Modeling Existing ABL Systems with UML

Given the need to enhance or transform a large existing ABL application, one is often hampered in the task by limited or out of date documentation. This project seeks to create a tool set that will read existing ABL code and the corresponding database to build a UML model of the application. This model can then be used for analysis and potentially can serve as the basis for future changes.

This project will consist of three stages:
1. Defining a UML "Profile" for ABL so that there are appropriate UML stereotypes to express the structural realities and relationships of ABL code and the corresponding dictionary.
2. Creating a tool for loading Progress dictionary information into a UML modeling tool using these stereotypes.
3. Creating a tool which will read and analyze ABL code and then load this information into a UML modeling tool using the stereotypes of the Profile.

EmailTester2 (Read Receipts, Security Bypass)

This is my first project, it's really buggy at the moment and i would like the help from anyone willing to optimize this email program. I don't have any documentation or anything out yet i just wanted to use this to get it out and fix some problems.

Some of the main features at the moment are Read receipts delivery receipts, send on behalf of, and outlook Security bypass.

Im using the mapi email and using a redemption.dll to bypass security this is optional. This was created to test out some mailitem properties and then we decided to use it with our customer invoice reports.

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