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How to handle an external logical model


The OERA assumes that when data comes in from the ESL (Enterprise Services Layer), it is already converted to the logical model used by the BLL (Business Logic Layer).

However, what should happen, according to the theory of the OERA model, if, for example, an XML comes in through the ESL, and is structured and formatted according to the logical model of an external business. In effect, the external logical model has to be converted to the internal physical model and after that converted to the internal logical model.

This can be handled in 2 ways:

OpenEdge Replication 10.1BSP01

And so, my "impish" handles again run into on something not comprehensible.

Progress 10.1BSP01
OpenEdge Replication 10.1BSP01.

After coasting SP01 categorically ceased to work replication on some base on side target-server exactly.
Errors everywhere following: Code:

[2007/07/30@09:25:12.895+0600] P-7347 T--1789493408 I RPLA 66: (10501) The Fathom Replication Agent has been successfully started as PID 7347.
[2007/07/30@09:25:12.896+0600] P-7347 T--1789493408 I RPLA 66: (5485) Service transport TCP is busy.


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