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enumprinters not returning network printers in win-7?

I've been using the enumprinters progress code example to get a list of available printers since windows NT... and I have some clients (and myself) running windows 7 without a problem, but I have a client who is now switching to win-7, and the enumprinters fails to include networked printers in the list of available printers.
Any ideas, what I am missing?

here's a portion of the code I am using...

SET-SIZE(pPrinterEnum) = 30.

RUN EnumPrinters{&A} IN THIS-PROCEDURE (6,"",2,

Library QuickPDF


I am upset with trying to use functions from this library in OE 10.2A (as external). QuickPDF is for making PDF documents.

Have you anybody experience with it?

The another way how to use it is through user's own dll library making in .NET (C#, C++) but I have no chance with success to call own defined functions in my library.

My tries end with message 'Could not find the entrypoint (3260)'

So please could you give me a help hand with a sample how to use own created library in OE?

((using 'user32.dll' and many other same kind is not problem))

How to set duplex mode to printer using WinApi function

Hi all,

Counld you please tell me how i can set duplex mode to default printer and check this mode on/off

Thanx in advance

How to get the printer port number using windows API call

Hi all,

Using the Windows API call, could you please tell us how to get the port number of the printer. Because while setting the value of activeprinter method/property of MS word 2007 it requires "printer name" on "port number".
The port number which we are trying to get by this method is equivalent to 'Session:printer-port"


How to add a print button(using win32 api in c)?

If any one give me the suggestion for adding a printer button on dialog box.

please give me your constructive feedback.

How to do a post using the navigate method of web browser control?

I am trying to open a URL using webbrowser control by doing a HTTP POST with some xml data to the URL (instead of HTTP GET it normally does). However my code is not working:


create "InternetExplorer.Application" chExplorer.
chExplorer:menubar = false
chExplorer:addressbar = false

Treeview - Checkbox issue

I am using a Treeview control (version 6.0) and it doesn't appear
to have the ability to disable checkboxes or grey them out from what I
can tell (if I'm wrong, could someone tell me how?)

Since it doesn't, I'm at least trying to write code in the node click
event that will prevent the user from changing the value of the
checkbox when I need it to be disabled. So I have code that sets the
Checked status back to what it originally was before the user clicked
on that node.

The problem is that my code works fine, but that as soon as the event

How to open a xdp-file with the default command for opening a pdf-file


I want open a file with an xdp-extention with the default program for a pdf-file.
I can't change the default program to open an xdp-file because that has stay another program (designing program)
So if i dubbelclick the xdp-file it has to open in the designer (default from installation) but if I open the file from my program (shellexecute) I want to open it with the default pdf-program.
Most of the time this will be a version of Acrobat but it can be another one.

I never know for sure what version of Acrobat the users have.

Get the memory usage of all running processes.

Does anyone know a good way of getting the memory usage of all running processes.

About WTSEnumerateSessions

Hi there,

I try to use the API Function WTSEnumerateSessions to get a list of Terminal Server Sessions.
Of course, it doesn't work quite well, so any help would be highly appreciated.

Look at the here-attached piece of code.
At line 64, replace "TerminalServerName" by a valid one and see what happen.
Apparently we have a valid handle to the server, the WTSEnumerateSessions returns the correct number of sessions, but I can't analyze the list of SessionId/Name/State.

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