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Problem on version 140315?

Dear Friends,
I just realized this project and I like it. Because writing code on Progress is really great torture without IDE!!! Thanks for this project to all contributors... :)

I just download 140315 and apply install procedure as descrşped pdf file in zip. But when I push the Linux Button (by the way I love Linux! :) ) an error message appear "Unable to open file: c:\temp\proedit/user.vlx. Errno=2. (98)". But some windows start to appear on screen.

But when I write on procedure screen whil code compilation error "The LOAD of user.vlx in path c:\temp\proedit failed. (4449)"

Issues installing ABHack 01-08-14

I'm trying to set up ABHack in my environment. I downloaded the 01/08/2014
version from the hive. I've had problems getting it to compile. After
fixing some of the directory structure in the folder, I am still getting
the following runtime errors:

** Unknown Field or Variable name - id (201).
** (path)\pure4gltv.w Could not understand line 1285. (196)
Supplied offset -31708 is not in Compiler banks. (3305)

I'm relatively new to setting up my own progress environment. The company
I work for gives all the developers the same set up and has it pretty

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