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posting in the name of Scott Auge

To index the amduus collection I am currently adding a bunch of pages, and I am assigning "Scott Auge" as the author of those pages. That is because he deserves the credits and also because he gets the rights to edit those pages when he wants to.


Could someone help me how to use the deployed web service?

Hi All!

I have created a web service adapter and want to use it on the Progress 4GL client.
I used the WSDL file deployed in the adapter, to connect to the appserver,and it was successful. But I couldn't call the procedures inside the .p file which was deployed as web service. I have a procedure named p-first but i can't call it. I got an error "Failure initializing SOAP Call: cannot find a SOAP operation named p-first(11775)(11762)".

Could anyone help me?

I would be thankful!!

With regards,
Kamal Raj Subedi
Javra Software Nepal
IT Park, Banepa

trouble with gmail

I am having trouble with gmail: incoming messages are fine but messages that I have sent since 17 January have not been delivered. Sorry John, Tamhas and Robert Mirro and others who may wonder why I never write :-)

gmail is now (since 1/17) using authenticated SMTP over SSL. I did not know that, and I can't figure out how to configure it on Linux...

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