TEMP-TABLE|BUFFER [name] is not used

Rule "tableusage" is a rule that identifies unused TEMP-TABLE, WORK-TABLE, and BUFFER definitions.


The author, Igor Natanzon says:

  • Line number for the END keyword is not a reliable block indicator (
    ie. END. END. on one line). However, as each block is processed
    separately, I haven't noticed any problems yet. I suspect it should
    not be a problem because procedures, functions, and event triggers
    cannot be nested (or can they??).
  • Blocks I consider local for buffer define purpose are PROCEDURE,
    FUNCTION, METHOD, and ON event trigger. Any more? Any other define is
    considered global.


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This week we discovered an

This week we discovered an enormous DBI file growth in OpenEdge 10 compared to Progress 9. The reason was that OpenEdge allocates 9 blocks (8 kbyte each) in the DBI file as soon as it runs a "DEFINE TEMP-TABLE" statement. This adds up to a very large DBI file which is especially bad when users are sharing a Citrix/WTS box. This Prolint rule helps us locate the unused temp-tables and save diskspace.

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Upgrade to v11 and the TTs are only instantiated when they are needed ;)