administrator notes: og2list issue resolved

Here are some administrator notes in case Jurjen ever needs to fix this while I'm away... and because I have a bad memory.

Exim is the mailer agent used by og2list, and it must use an old protocol for connecting to MySQL.

At one point, I'd set "root" user's password to use the old protocol, using the old_password() function, see:

But something must have happened to "upgrade" root's password or something. Maybe it happened while I was using the root user account in MySQL yesterday.

That resulted in this error in Exim's log:
Client does not support authentication protocol requested by server; consider upgrading MySQL client

I created a new MySQL user account for "exim", and applied old_password() to exim's password. There's no reason to use the exim login account for anything other than the exim mailer client, so hopefully this same problem won't happen again.

BTW: Exim's configuration, including its configuration settings for MySQL, are in /usr/local/exim/configure.

There. That ought to be enough keywords that I can find this again using "search". :)